Patricia Kaersenhout @ Diversity United, Berlin opening 8 June 2021

Patricia Kaersenhout participates in Diversity United – Contemporary European Art at Tempelhof Berlin opening 8 June 2021. Afterwards the show travels to the New Tretyakov Gallery Moscow (RU) and Palais de Tokyo, Paris (FR).

An exhibition of the Foundation for Art and Culture, Bonn (DE) and the Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow. Curated by Simon Baker.

“The focus of the exhibition is showing the artistic face of Europe. Under the title Diversity United, the various European regions and cultural landscapes will be represented with selected artistic positions. Around 300 works by 70 contemporary artists will be presented. This limitation is a deliberate expression of a culmination and serves to circumvent a mechanistic concept of proportional representation.”

Kaersenhout’s proposal is based on an investigations into the legacies of power and wealth associated with slavery in the regions historically controlled by today’s European powers. Its title, Mea Culpa, refers to the traditional Christian practice of atoning for sins through enduring physical hardship during ritual pilgrimages. Kaersenhout brings this practice into the present day by suggesting the acceptance of guilt by figures representing today’s powerful elites, onto which the audience is invited to project their own understanding of the crimes for which they may wish to atone.

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Patricia Kaersenhout
Mea Culpa, 2020
One sculpture out of a series of 27 sculptures in one installation
3-D printed resin, 13,0 x 22,4 x 10,0 cm each