Scolpire il Tempo, 2010 – collection Nomas Foundation, Rome (IT)

Giorgio Andreotta Calò produced in 2010 a series of bronze sculptures made from deteriorated wooden mooring poles found in the Laguna of Venice. Through time, the salt water and the tide has transformed these poles into rough and fantastic looking conical shapes. These shapes are used for his new series of sculptures.
For the gallery Calò has created a special environment where these sculptures can be experienced in a still atmosphere, reminiscent of their place of origin.

Giorgio Andreotta Calò
Scolpire il Tempo, 2010
3 bronze sculptures (Clessidra’s) in an installation with water and wax
dimensions variable
installation view Wilfried Lentz Rotterdam
photo Yves Krol

For full documentation and images of Scolpire il Tempo click here.

Scolpire il Tempo (2010) is the fifth issue of a series of publications published by Wilfried Lentz


With Pick of the Week we present weekly works and installations from the gallery program which landed afterwards in international contemporary art collections. Starting from the first show in 2008 till now – release of #1 on 27-03-2020.

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