10 x 10, 2014 by Rossella Biscotti consists of 4 Jacquard-woven woolen textiles produced as a result of the Mies van der Rohe award by Kunstmuseen Krefeld.

The series are originally developed for Haus Esters at Krefeld (DE) and shown at the gallery in Rotterdam from 5 February 2015 through 29 April 2015. The whole series, in an edition of 3, is acquired in the same period by the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. The large textile is bought by Kadist in Paris.

Rossella Biscotti’s 10×10 interrelates three histories – the use of punch cards to program both early data processing machines and automated looms (jacquard) respectively, how demographic records have been modeled through census taking, and the legacy of the Haus Esters (1927 – 1930), a single family villa built by a textile baron – so as to question how statistics and quantitative analysis not only represent a given reality, but how such illustrations may also hide cognitive basis hidden in contemporary profiling methods and other displays.

For full documentation and images of the show click here.

Rossella Biscotti, 10 x 10, 2014

Rossella Biscotti, 10 x 10, 2014
Installation view Wilfried Lentz Rotterdam 2015
Photo: Sander van Wettum
collections: Kadist Paris & San Fransisco and Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

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