The Faculty of Sensing at Savvy Contemporary, Berlin (DE)

Thinking With, Through, and by Anton Wilhelm Amo is a research and exhibition project to honour the work and life of Anton Wilhelm Amo, an outstanding philosopher of the 18th century.

Running till 28 February 2021.

From March-September 2020, the first leg of the exhibition was on view at Kunstverein Braunschweig – a city in which Anton Wilhelm Amo breathed, walked, and thought. The second iteration of the exhibition is now taking place at SAVVY Contemporary in Berlin – the city in which in Summer 2020, after decades of struggling to abolish the racist name of M-street, history was made by naming it the first Anton Wilhelm Amo-Street in Germany.

As part of the exhibition, Kaersenhout is showing the series While we Were Kings and Queens (2020), in which she examines the trauma of colonial oppression that stands in flagrant contradiction to the proclaimed ideals of the Enlightenment.

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Patricia Kaersenhout
While we were Kings and Queens, 2020
12 part series, digital print on Hahnemühle paper 100 x 70 cm, wooden boards with texts 42 x 29,7 cm, instruction papers, hammer, nails
Installation image, ‘THE FACULTY OF SENSING’ at Kunstverein Braunschweig (DE)
Photo: Stefan Stark