User Friendly, a performative workshop for Goethe in the Skyways in Minneapolis; starting June 3

User Friendly, a performative workshop and audio installation designed by Liz Magic Laser, Cori Kresge and Hanna Novak for the Goethe Pop Up in Minneapolis.

Goethe in the Skyways occupies a space in the city’s futuristic skyway system. Minneapolis’ skyways, an 18-kilometer-long indoor artificial gangway and pedestrian bridge network constructed in the 1960s to connect downtown office buildings and avoid the bitter cold of winter, is still the longest of its kind in the world today.

In an exclusive guided experience, performer and healing practitioner Cori Kresge will lead participants through a dynamic exploration of breath, sight and touch to radically reimagine our relationship to the screen.
User Friendly draws on the artists’ research into former practices of “biohacking”, ecstatic movement and mind-expanding corporate retreats. Participants will be led through hand-and-eye conditioning exercises, breathwork, and meditative visualizations, which will draw on the corporate mall-like vistas of the skyways.

From 3 June 2019 till 21 June 2019.

Goethe Pop Up Minneapolis
Goethe in the Skyways

City Center (next to Cardigan Donuts)
40 South 7th Street, Suite 208
Minneapolis, MN 55402

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