Weilermattes retreat to open in Brohl (DE) in 2023; gallery is closed 1st April 2022

Wilfried Lentz announces a new project ‘Weilermattes’, a retreat in the German Eifel region (29.12.21).

Photos: Atelier Tomas Dirrix

A holiday home cum artist residence and an exhibition space, the retreat is located in the little village of Brohl, a few kilometers away from the Moselle river; and retains the name ‘Weilermattes’ long used by locals for the existing old farmstead.

The former Bauernhof is a pastoral ensemble of farmhouse and outbuildings, with a garden and a meadow which runs into an unspoiled stream valley. The main farmhouse has been renovated over the past two years; while the new residence, a timber house, is designed by young Dutch architect Tomas Dirrix, based on vernacular traditions of the region. The exhibition facility, formerly the main barn, will be designed by artist James Beckett.

The location is a walking paradise with pilgrim routes, vineyards and renowned destinations in the immediate surroundings. It is easily accessible from the German metropolitan areas and the Benelux.

This year we will concentrate further on the development of the facilities in order to open in 2023. To this end, we closed our space in Rotterdam and end our gallery activities from April 1st, 2022 completely. This is not only a sad moment though. We are proud of the exhibitions we have realized and we are delighted that the works of our artists have been shown around the world and have found their place in major collections.

Our thanks goes to the artists and to all of those who have accompanied us in our gallery adventures by following and contributing to our program. We look back with respect and gratitude to the people who have inspired and encouraged us, and who share our passion for art.

The last show at the gallery in Rotterdam will be with artist Müge Yilmaz, opens 29 January and closes 13 March 2022. Sunday 13 March from 3-6pm please join us to farewell Keileweg 14a, and celebrate the finissage of the gallery’s final exhibition. For more information please send an e-mail to office@wilfriedlentz.com.
More images: @weilermattes