A Conductor, 2012-2014

A Conductor (Montmartre) is an extension of the work Title One: The Tasks of the Community where the artist acquiring lead and industrial copper cables, from a public auction in Lithunia. Copper and lead was recycled and imported to Belgium for Manifesta 9 in Genk. The copper scrap was recycled in a 190 meter long 125-A copper cable to supply the electricity of Manifesta 9.

A small portion of the copper scrap was used for a sculpture presented in 2014 at Haus Esters in Krefeld.

Both sculptures inspired the artist for using an obsolete 1920’s power distribution cable from the power distribution system in Montmartre, Paris for the electricity during her show at Kadist in Paris.

Rossella Biscotti - A Conductor (Montmartre)
Rossella Biscotti, A Conductor (Montmartre), 2012
1920's electrical power distribution cable (copper, paper soaked in oil, metal,lead)
with sockets, 182 cm x 5 cm
unique series of 3 different pieces
installation view: This is a special blackout edition!, Kadist Art Foundation,
Paris (FR), 2012
photo: Aurélien Mole
Rossella Biscotti
A Conductor, 2012/2014
Copper cables from Ignalina nuclear power plant, glass, electrical wire
installation view: Museum Haus Esters, Krefeld (DE), 2014
Photo: Volker Döhne, Kunstmuseen Krefeld
Rossella Biscotti, A Conductor,  2012
Rossella Biscotti, A Conductor, 2012
Installation, copper from Ignalina nuclear power plant (LT) recycled in
192 meter, 5-wire, 125-A copper cable to supply the electricity of Manifesta 9
Installation view Manifesta 9, Genk (BE), 2012