View (Westpoint), 2003

From the press release Seen frome here our inaugural exhibtion in 2008:

Viewing nature, built-up areas and the things that surround us in general, is an experience that is partially determined by our culture. We even perceive unspoilt nature through our ‘cultural glasses’, which causes it to become a depiction; a landscape. For many centuries, artists have been delivering artistic interpretations of our environment. And their works as well as the context in which these are exhibited, feed back into this (cultural) experience of viewing. Matts Leiderstam is interested in this interaction and in how context and time influence our perceptions. Leiderstam revives for example the meanings of old paintings, investigates their origins and the way that these images are being presented and seduces the audience with new stories.

Click here to download a text by the artist about the work series View, 2001-2007

Matts Leiderstam
View (Westpoint), 2003
Tryptich of framed C-prints 44,5 x 47,5 cm
edition 6 + 2 AP