Walking Wolf, 2018

For the exhibition When animals talked to humans, Biscotti has made a functioning full set of four stilts–two for forelegs, two for back–of oak wood, and plastic feet cast from wolf paws.

“When animals talked to humans presents the work of some artists in whose work the Aymara notion of ch’ixi defined by Silvia Rivera Cusicanqui emerges somehow trough the mestizo, the ritual, or the third included. Talisman-word, motley blend, de-colonized melting pot, juxtaposition, contrast, collective possibility to turn words into polysemy. A collision where the different parts don’t lose neither their form nor their strengths, a mottled grey, an imperceptible blend of black and white, which gets confused but is never totally mixed.” – Juan Canela


Rossella Biscotti, Walking Wolf, 2018
two pair of stilts made from oak wood and plastic cast of wolf feet (front legs and back legs)
200 x 3,5 x 3,5 cm each, edition of 10, 2 AP.
Photographs: Travesia Cuatro