Ulrik Heltoft, Science of the strange, 4 SEPTEMBER - 16 OCTOBER 2010

ULRIK HELTOFT, Science of the strange

Wilfried Lentz Gallery is proud to host for a second time the artist Ulrik Heltoft (Kopenhagen, Denmark 1973), with his new show

Science of the strange

Ulrik Heltoft, is interested in what he calls ‘pre-manufactured systems as the basis for image production’. Exploiting such systems as 8×10 inch Polaroid film, Röntgen photography, cell phone filming or the best scanning technology, Heltoft is able to create strange, surreal images.

The opening will be Friday, September 3 from 5 pm till 7 pm and the show runs through October 9.
The gallery is open Thursday – Saturdays from 1-6 pm and by appointment. For further information and visuals, please contact the gallery; office@wilfriedlentz.com or +31 (0)10 4126459.

With this new exhibited body of work Heltoft plays a subtle game, finding new exemplary combinations of technique and object; where the outcome is open to the imagination.
Heltoft presents us with a series of icecap photographs (6 blanks, 1999-2010) made with the mythic Hasselblad Lunar camera, as well as the peculiar viewing of a diamond filmed from within or even, extraordinarily large Polaroids of gold leaf depicting curious landscapes.

This work is in line with his earlier experimental pieces like the short kaleidoscopic film Voyage autour de ma chambre (2008), previously shown at Wilfried Lentz in 2008, and also a Röntgen-photograph of a glove. A few of these older pieces have never been shown before and will take part in Heltoft’s enigmatic presentation.

Accompanying the show is the fourth issue in the new series of publications issued by the gallery. The publication, #4 Zero Sum Gain, consists of a poster, signed by the artist, in an edition of 500 along with a small booklet. Moosje Goosen contributed to the publication with a text focusing on the surreal aspect of Heltoft’s work, and artist Miljohn Ruperto has written an essay on the issue of transforming objects without actually altering them physically. The price of the publication is 10 Euros and can be ordered through us either by e-mail or at the following international book stores: Boekie Woekie, Amsterdam, Pro QM and Motto, Berlin, and Castillo Corrales, Paris. Previous issues in the series are also available for ordering.

Recent exhibitions of Heltoft include shows at Kirkhoff in Kopenhagen, IMO, Overgaden and Nicolaj Contemporary Art Center also based in Kopenhagen; Galleria Raucci/Santamaria, Naples and the New Museum in New York. At the moment he has a solo show at Andersens Contemporary in Kopenhagen. Heltoft is professor at the Royal Danish Art Academy.
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ULRIK HELTOFT, Science of the strange, 4 SEPTEMBER - 16 OCTOBER 2010
Diamond, 2010
Slide installation
ULRIK HELTOFT, Instruction following Roussel
# 32 Un homme utilisant un campylomètre sur une carte de géographie.
# 32 A man running a mileometer across a map.
Work from a serie following Raymond Roussel’s instructions in ‘Nouvelles Impressions d’Afrique’, pigmentprint framed with engraved title in passepartout. frame 92 x 74 cm, photo 25 x 20 cm. Edition of 3 + 1 A/P

24K, 2009
polaroid 8x10'