Wendelien van Oldenborgh

The second show in our May program – a weekly program featuring a performance or installation by a visual artist that centers on the use of recent historical music or sound – is a video installation by Wendelien van Oldenborgh (NL 1962).

Sound Track Stage

Sound Track Stage is set up as a meeting between the seemingly opposite music movements of hip-hop and gabber hardcore, both very present in the city of Rotterdam.

The opening will be on Saturday May 15th from 8 till 10 pm and the show is running through May 19th. The gallery is only open by appointment for the May program. For further information and visuals, please contact the gallery: office@wilfriedlentz.com or +31 (0)10 4126459.

Following this exhibition, the May program will conclude with a video by Dani Gal of a Foley artist remaking the sound of the Israeli documentary, “Grenade in Gaza’ (Seasonal Unrest, 2009 – opening May 22nd), and a large two channel video installation, these are the days(2009) (opening May 29th), by Matt Stokes, featuring a punk gig in Austin Texas as well as a punk band from the same city playing a new sound-track to it. The openings for these shows will also be on Saturdays at 8 pm.
Sound Track Stage: the City Through Music and Politics.
In 2006, Wendelien van Oldenborgh organised a public film-shoot in museum Boijmans van Beuningen in which a.o. Paul Elstak, icon of the gabber hardcore scene, and hip-hop DJ Mr. Wix were challenged to present, discuss and play out their conflicting positions in music. Gabber/hardcore and hip-hop are two musical styles, which represent diverse lifestyles and distinct positions within the urban environment. These two styles are particularly present in the city of Rotterdam. They have, however, two quite different groups behind them: one of the many examples of conflicting elements, which make up urban space. Without wishing to create a harmony of the various forms, a soundtrack of friction and connection was created. The complexity of symbols, gestures and signs became the material for this short film.