Moyra Davey – I’m Your Fan

I’m Your Fan contains six of Moyra Davey’s recent essays and transcripts, interspersed with excerpts lifted directly from working notebooks.
Influences, affinities, internal concerns, the weather, and partners circulate among the texts. Despite following a gentle chronological pull I’m Your Fan persistently intercepts the biographies and methods of others, promiscuously re-grouping literary and critical territories, and effectively determining Davey’s own legacy.
The essays consider the prohibitions and permissions of art theory, value and panic, the equipment of her process, the problematic relief of productivity, the explicit re-inclusion of the figure into her work, as well as death and expectations.

Moyra Davey, I’m your Fan (2014)
Edited by Camilla Wills to accompany the exhibition ‘life without sheets of paper to be scribbled on is masterpiece’,
from 11 April – 29 June 2014 at Camden Arts Centre.