Casino Ilinx, 2008

Casino Ilinx was a solo exhibition at the SculptureCenter in New York. Portnoy’s long-standing investigation of the poetics of humor and the rules of communication and play, takes form in Casino Ilinx as a series of gambling tables and related sculptures. 

Drawing on gambling’s roots in ritual and divination, Portnoy’s tables are constructed of high and low materials including wood, mirror, sand, felt, bone, brass, vinyl, and shell. Influenced by gaming devices from various cultures and times, Portnoy’s objects take on a life of their own. When activated by games, the stylized sculptural pieces trigger experimental and experiential situations for the study of human behavior. “Rules” are imparted through riddles and gestures interpreted by players of each game. The rules and language associated with each piece shift constantly, challenging the viewer’s interaction with individual objects leading to dysfunctional, intimate, and absurd situations (text drawn from the pressrelease of the Sculpture Center, NY)

Casino Ilinx
Tongue Pit (Linguistic Table), 2008
black sand, lacqured and rubberized wood, vinyl, rope
200 x 90 x 140 cm
Casino Ilinx
Talus, 2008.
Dye sublimated felt, wood, brass, silver, engraved sheep anklebones, painted and burnt die, mother of pearl, vinyl.
Installation image SculptureCentre NY, 2008 photo: Jason Mandella