River Plate, 2013

River Plate displays a micro society in a fragmented body-narration. Knees, shoulders, feet and bellies are signifiers of articulated human presence, revealing nothing else against a claustrophobic background of cement, stone and water.

Flog style editing is accompanied by sounds cascades of elementary noise from the river and the highway. Bodies are the antagonists of all compromising contextual frameworks. An existential plot is confronted by the bareness of body language, enclosed within itself and against everything else.

Director, Script, Editing and Production: Josef Dabernig
Camera: Christian Giesser
Sound design: Michael Palm
Cast: Maria Berrios, Josef Dabernig, Wolfgang Dabernig, Isabella Hollauf, Ingeburg Wurzer, Otto Zitko
Support: if innovative film Austria, ORF – Film and Television Agreement

Josef Dabernig - River Plate, 2013
River Plate, 2013
filmstill 35mm, b/w, 16 min