Stabat Mater, 2016

Hotel guests look restrained, sedated in the diffuse light of the service provider’s shimmering cage. A network of joists, pilasters and fluting exposes the proverbial off-season chill in the seating arrangements. Smart-phones and tablets mask a total lack of communication.

The work exists of a film and a series of ten photographs.
Josef Dabernig, Stabat Mater, 2016
A/CH/D (german) – 35mm, b/w, 16 min. english subtitles
Director, script, editing and production: Josef Dabernig
Camera: Christian Giesser
Text: Bruno Pellandini
Voice-over: Andreas Patton
Music: Christoph Herndler (after Stabat Mater of Franz Schubert)
Sound design: Michael Palm
Actors: Otto Dabernig, Emma Gruber, Laurence Schulz; Sabine Gruber, Isabella Hollauf, Kathrin Schulz; Immacolata Giuseppa Cozza, Wolfgang Dabernig, Gaetano Milon; Josef Dabernig, Markus Scherer
Co-Producers: Badischer Kunstverein Karlsruhe, Kunsthalle Winterthur
Financing: if innovative film Austria im Bundeskanzleramt Österreich

Josef Dabernig, Stabat Mater, 2016
Josef Dabernig, Stabat Mater, 2016
film still
35mm, b/w, 16 min. sound, german spoken, english subtitles
ed. 5 + 1 A/P
Josef Dabernig, Stabat Mater, 2016
Josef Dabernig, Albergo Palazzo und Bagno Marino Archi in Santa Cesarea Terme (Location shots of Stabat Mater), 2014
Digital print, framed
50,5 x 70,5 or 50,5 x 40,5 cm (including frame)
ed. 3 + 1 A/P